Cumin Seeds

Cumin, also known as Cuminum, cyminum, Kamoon, is a flowering herb belonging to the Apiaceae family. It’s native in the Mediterranean, Africa, and South Asia.

Source of our Cumin Seeds

We source our Cumin Seeds from  Sudan.

Types of Cumin Seeds that we offer

  • Raw Cumin seeds: We offer this type in one grade called the cleaned grade which is the standard grade.
  • Powder form: We offer this as a finely grounded powder made from high quality Cumin seeds
Country of OriginSudan
Packaging & ExportPacking is done in 40 kg Jute bags, and stuff in 40 feet containers which will carry  up to 20 metric tons  of the Cumin Seeds.
LabelingAs per buyer’s instruction.
SpecificationDetail specification will be provided upon request.

Uses of Cumin Seeds

  • Cumin is generally used as a natural food spice
  • Cumin is also used in flavoring certain types of cheese
  • Cumin is used in adding flavor to traditional French bread
  • Cumin is also used as a treatment for certain ailments including diarrhea, colic, bowel spasms, and gas.
  • Cumin is also used to increase urine flow to relieve bloating or as a diuretic to start menstruation

Benefits of Cumin Seeds

  • Cumin aids digestion by increasing the activity of digestive proteins. It may also reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Many people around the world don’t get enough iron. Cumin is very dense in iron, providing almost 20% of your daily iron in one teaspoon.
  • Cumin supplements may help improve blood sugar control, though it is not clear what causes this effect or how much is needed.
  • Concentrated cumin supplements have promoted weight loss in multiple studies.



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