The Peanuts, also known as groundnut and the  goober . Its classified  as both  a grain Legume and,  because   of  its  high  content , an oil  corp. Peanuts also  are usually referred to as nuts. Peanuts are  similar in test  and nutritional profile   to  tree  nuts such  as walnuts and almonds  and are  often served in  similar  ways  in western countries.

Source of Peanuts

It is widely produced in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. In Sudan, peanuts are grown in the western region .Sudan is exporting about 14% of the world peanuts production and is considered as the fourth country in the world exporting peanuts after the USA. Also, Sudan is measured as the greatest producer of the crop in Arabian and African globe.

Types of Peanuts

  • In-shell peanuts in different sizes
  • Peanuts kernels in different sizes
  • Peeled peanuts (Kernel skin removed)
  • Peeled and roasted peanuts

Types of Peanuts that we offer

  • Peanuts Kernels (Ashford type): Size: medium seeds 176-212 seeds/100grams (50/60).
  • Peanuts Kernels Barberton type(Spanish):  Size: medium seeds 247-282 seeds/100grams (70/80).
  • Peanuts in Shell: size (9/11) and (11/13).
  • Peanut Oil : also known as groundnut oil or       oil , is a mild -tasting vegetable oil derived from Peanuts .
  • Peanuts Cake: Also known as peanuts meal or groundnuts meal is the by-product obtained after the extraction of oil from peanut. seeds. It is a protein-rich ingredient that is widely used to feed all classes of livestock.


Country of OriginSudan
Packaging & ExportPacking is done usually in 25kg, 50 kg, in poly bags or Jute Bags, and the kernel type is exported in 20 feet containers which will carry 18 metric tons. The in shell is packed in 40 feet containers which will carry 18 metric tons.
LabelingAs per buyer’s instruction.
SpecificationDetail specification will be provided upon request.


A healthy snack with many uses :

  • Peanut oil is used as cooking oil worldwide
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a common in Europe and the US .
  • Used in making cookies
  • Roasted salted and unsalted snack
  • A popular Caribbean juice
  • A salad dressing in many countries
  • It has various other industrial uses for example, such as making lubricating oils, coating and polishing industry, and peanut oil and its derivatives are included in many cosmetics.


It has a large number of benefits, few mentioned below

  • Promote cardiovascular health
  • Cancer prevention
  • Protect the skin and enhance its health
  • Lowering blood pressure …
  • Promote brain function and mental abilities

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